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6 Tips for Pain Relief after a Broken Tooth

Posted on 5/20/2016 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
A shocked woman covering her mouth; because she just broke her tooth!A cracked or broken tooth could result in a painful toothache, and it is something that you should see your dentist about immediately. However, if it takes some time to get into your dental office, there are a few ways that you can relieve the pain on your own.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

If you are suffering a toothache after a break, you should try to avoid foods and drinks that are especially hot or cold. The dentin layer of the tooth has more than likely been exposed, so these extremes could cause pain.

Sleep with Your Head Slightly Elevated

Nerve inflammation inside the tooth after a break can be quite painful. Fortunately, if you sleep with your head elevated, you can relieve some pressure and may be able to feel some relief.

Rinse Out Your Mouth with a Warm Saltwater Solution

Try rinsing out your mouth with a warm solution of saltwater several times a day after a break. This solution will work like an antiseptic to remove bacteria in the infected area.

Use an Over-the-Counter Medication

Over-the-counter pain relievers can be extremely helpful in easing your discomfort after a broken tooth. These medications can reduce inflammation, but you should make sure to never put pain relieving meds directly on the tooth or gums.

Avoid Foods High in Acid or Sugar

Soda, citrus fruits, and other items that are high in sugar or acid should be avoided after a broken tooth, as they could increase your pain level.

Use Oil of Cloves

Also known as eugenol, oil of cloves can be found in many health food stores and is useful for its anesthetic properties. At home, you can blot some eugenol onto a painful tooth to get some relief. Just make sure you aren't swallowing any of the oil.

Please contact us if you have any questions about broken tooth care.
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