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How Can I Help My Child Have Clean Teeth?

Posted on 7/20/2016 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
A pregnant woman rubbing her hands over her belly.Your child's dental care begins before they are even born. While pregnant, your nutrition and health can already affect the health of your baby's teeth. Prenatal care is just the beginning, the work to continue their dental care is ongoing, often tedious, and will most likely be a daily struggle.

The foundation that a parent sets in their child's dental care can have lifetime effects on the overall health of their teeth and the relationships that your child builds with their current and future dentists.

My child's teeth in the womb

Besides the development of bone, your baby is also developing teeth while in the womb. Calcium and folic acid are very important to this development. Your dentist can tell you the importance of good vitamins and minerals for both you and your growing fetus.

My infant's teeth before they have erupted

You may be surprised to hear, but some babies have brand new teeth erupt with cavities already present. Your infant does not need any fluids beyond breastmilk, formula or water. There are myths that float around about the necessity of juices for infants, this is not true, it is unnecessary sugar that can lead to cavities.

Once the first teeth have come in, we recommend taking a clean washcloth and wiping their teeth twice a day. This will help rid any plaque and start a daily routine of teeth cleaning care.

Caring for my toddler's teeth

We recommend beginning dental hygiene with your toddler right away. Taking your child to the dentist early will help them get comfortable with the idea and help us develop a good working relationship with your toddler.

Begin brushing their teeth twice a day. A small toddler size toothbrush, with just the smallest amount of toothpaste is a good first step. Cleaning their teeth is important, setting routines and establishing good habits, helping them be comfortable with the idea is even more so.

We want your child to start a path of good dental hygiene and together we can do it. Please contact us if you have any questions about helping your child clean their teeth.
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