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Getting Something Out from Between Your Teeth Requires Finesse

Posted on 12/25/2016 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
A woman flossing to remove food from between her teeth.
When you get something stuck between your teeth, it can be anything from annoying to downright painful. Most people sit there and try and suck the item out, and if that doesn't work, they turn to a toothpick.

However, using a toothpick could do damage to your gums and should be avoided at all costs. If you are trying to get something out from between your teeth, consider these options before you reach for that not-so-good-ole' toothpick.

Ways of Getting Debris Out from Between Your Teeth

Flossing is the most effective way of getting debris out from between your teeth. If you notice something has gotten lodged in there, try and floss like you normally would. If that does not work, try putting a tiny knot in the floss, then doing it again. The added pressure of the larger bit of floss, the knot, typically removes anything that is lodged between your teeth.

If that is not working, give a water pick a try. This tool is nearly identical to the mechanics of floss, but it adds a bit more pressure to what is being forced between your teeth. However, it does it in such a way that keeps your gums safe. Use that on the teeth in question, and see if that helps dislodge whatever was stuck there.

When nothing else works, call on your local dentist. He or she likely knows a few extra tricks that can help. Just avoid using a toothpick whenever you can as that tends to hurt your gums while you poke around trying to get whatever it is out. You never want to push your teeth around, like a toothpick would do, either.

Call on your dentist if you are unable to remove whatever is hurting your teeth and let them get it out. It leaves your whole mouth safer that way.

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