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Falling and Hitting Your Teeth Can Leave Lasting Damage

Posted on 2/15/2017 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
A man covering his mouth, because he fell and hit his teeth!
If you were to fall and hit your tooth, it could damage your tooth right then, but also leave damage that you have to deal with for much longer. It is never good to ignore any type of an impact to your teeth. Should anything happen to your teeth, give your dentist a call and explain the situation.

They can then decide if they believe the problem was bad enough to have you come in for an exam. They are the experts, so relying on their opinion is always the best route to take.

Damage from an Impact to Your Tooth

When a tooth gets hit, it can, and often does, hurt. Typically, this pain goes away in a short time, and you go back to your normal life. However, some types of impact can leave you in pain for far longer. Even if your pain goes away in the first few minutes, it doesn't mean that your tooth didn't sustain lasting damage from the impact.

Your tooth could have been knocked loose or even out of alignment for your normal bite. The tooth could have cracked in a way you may not be able to see or feel just yet. Plus, if the tooth was impacted hard enough, the tooth could even have died from the impact. However, that may not be noticed immediately.

The biggest reason that you want to see your dentist after any type of impact is that if your tooth was damaged, it may be bleeding or damaged in a way that is repairable. However, if the dentist doesn't see the tooth, those repairs may not be made, and the tooth could end up dying later. Once the tooth begins to die, it can make you sick, so make sure you go in after any type of an oral impact.

Please contact our office if you have damaged your tooth from a fall.

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