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Why Raw Diets are Stressful for Your Teeth

Posted on 6/13/2017 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
A collection of fruits and vegetables.
These days, people are becoming more and more conscious of the foods they eat. Many are cutting back on meat, and some are cutting it out altogether. There are even a number of people who are going a step past Veganism and moving to a raw food diet.

This diet, as the name suggests, consists of all raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, no meat, dairy, eggs or processed foods. Nothing is cooked. While the diet is considered to be healthy, it does have a major drawback. A raw diet can be harmful to your teeth.

Increased Fruits Mean More Cavities

A raw foods diet relies heavily on fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits, in particular, contain high levels of natural sugar. While it is natural, sugar is still sugar. Bacteria does not discriminate.

Even if your oral hygiene habits haven't changed - you still brush twice a day and floss every day - an increased consumption of fruit can raise your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Agitated GI Tract

Some foods in their raw form are more difficult for the digestive tract to break down and absorb. More vegetables mean more fiber and cellulose, which are difficult to digest. This can lead to bloating, indigestion and malnutrition.

Malnutrition is detrimental to your oral health. Without the proper nutrients, your teeth and jawbone become weak. This leaves your teeth susceptible to damage and you gums open to gum disease. You could even suffer lost teeth.

Worn Teeth Enamel

Constantly chewing on tough, fibrous raw foods increases the amount of wear and tear on your teeth. As a result, your enamel wears down faster, leaving the teeth more vulnerable to bacterial attack. This added to malnutrition also makes it difficult for your teeth to remineralize properly.

If you are considering a raw foods diet, make sure to discuss your choice not only with your doctor but your dentist as well. This way, you can keep your body and your teeth as healthy as possible.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about a raw diet affecting your oral health.

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