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Think You Are Too Old for Sealants? Think Again!

Posted on 8/23/2017 by Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
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Sealants are a great way of protecting your teeth from debris and decay. They are often used on children's teeth to help protect the teeth where kids may struggle to brush. That's not to say that children are the only people who can benefit from getting sealants.

They are commonly put on teeth for adults, too. They protect crevices and divots in the teeth from debris and plaque getting in there, which could potentially cause tooth decay.

Your Dentist Can Help You Seal Your Teeth

When your teeth need to be sealed, your dentist will be the one doing it. They will examine your teeth to make sure they are healthy. Then, they will clean your teeth thoroughly first so they can make sure that they won't trap any debris into those holes when they seal them. Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, you can then get your teeth sealed.

Your dentist will paint on the sealant much like you would paint varnish on a piece of wood to protect it from water damage. It will only take a few minutes to dry, then your teeth can be protected for quite some time. Sealants usually last anywhere from three months up to one year. Then, you can go through the same routine again to protect them from future damage.

Speak to your dentist if you want ways of being able to protect your teeth from decay. They have a few different things they can do. One of the most effective is sealing your teeth, but they can also do things like offering fluoride treatments.

Find out what they recommend for your specific situation, and let them work their magic. It helps protect your teeth and provides you with a better sense of peace since you aren't as likely to have a cavity when you next visit the dentist.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (360) 647-1715 today.

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