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Dental Bridge
Ferndale, WA

Happy parent with child sitting on shoulders with arms stretched up to sky in Ferndale, WAA dental bridge can be used to restore a missing tooth. We can create a customized bridge that is cemented in place for a permanent restoration. Once completed, the patient can chew their regular diet and resume normal activities, and the device will stay in place, even while you sleep. If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Ullsmith can meet with you, examine your specific situation and together we can create a treatment plan to fit your needs. Working with our highly professional staff at Dentistry with Smiles we can restore missing teeth, restore your bite, and improve your oral health.

How does a dental bridge work?

Patients often feel confused when considering a partial denture and a dental bridge. Though both prosthetics are designed to replace missing teeth, the fit and feel are very different. Both options present benefits depending on your needs.

A partial denture is a removable device. It is designed to replace multiple missing teeth in any location on a single arch. Partial dentures are held in place using a clasping system, and just like traditional dentures, they are removed each night and placed in a cup of cleaning solution or water. Patients who wear partial dentures need to give their gums and soft tissues a break. For patients who have multiple missing teeth on either their upper or lower arch, and the missing teeth are not neighboring, may find a partial denture to be ideal.

A dental bridge is a permanent device, meaning that it is not removable. Dr. Ullsmith cements the bridge in place. A bridge is designed to use two anchors, which can be either two healthy teeth or dental implant posts, with one or two false teeth in between. Because of its design, bridges are used for up to two missing teeth only if they are neighboring. A bridge is a single device consisting of a dental crown on either end; the crowns are placed over healthy teeth or implants with a false tooth in the middle, creating a bridge. The huge benefit that patients receive from the application of a dental bridge is the ability to forget that they are there. You never have to think of them differently from the way you think of any other tooth in your mouth. Dr. Ullsmith will check the status of your bridge and if the cement is holding firm during your annual dental exam.

Caring for your dental bridge is important. Just as you care for your regular teeth through brushing , flossing, and rinsing, you will continue to care for your dental bridge. Though a bridge can not develop a cavity, the patient can still experience problems with bacteria causing gum disease. Gum disease can damage your anchor teeth, leading the necessity to remove the bridge.

Patients who have a dental bridge like that the device improves their aesthetic, improves their chewing function, and prevents teeth from shifting in their mouth which can lead to problems with their bite. Teeth that are allowed to shift out of control can cause a disaster with your bite, your look, and lead to TMJ dysfunction.

We would love to show you how a dental bridge can improve your oral health. The process begins with scheduling an appointment with our front office staff. Call (360) 647-1715 today!

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A dental bridge can replace missing teeth, increasing your function and look. For more information as our team at Dentistry with Smiles with Kelsey Ullsmith, DDS.
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