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Patient Services
Ferndale, WA

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Your health. Your confidence. Your teeth.

At Dentistry with Smiles, we take all of the above seriously because we know that they are closely connected. Well-maintained teeth that regularly receive attention from a dentist make an active contribution to your overall health. Follow the links below to learn more about the dental services we offer:

We believe that a dentist should provide more than clean, healthy teeth; they should also answer questions and address concerns in a friendly, gentle manner. With modern training and techniques, a visit to the dentist can be a pleasant, relaxing experience. Whether you need a simple cleaning, or a more complex procedure, we hope you will let us help to enrich your health and your confidence by caring for your teeth.

The term patient services certainly describes what would normally be a list or description of what procedures we offer. Beyond this list, I want my potential patients to know the specifics of how they will personally be treated, what their experience will be and what will make them want to share their recommendation for my office with their closest friends and family. My goal is to serve each and every person in the capacity of an educator. To practice the art of dentistry while taking care of the person connected to the tooth. This is what I consider a service.

Primarily, I have found discerning patients want to know the following about patient services:

•  They are going to be seen on time
•  Financial arrangements and financing options are going to be discussed and agreed upon in advance
•  Aesthetic dentistry is going to be beautiful and natural
•  Dentistry is going to be comfortable and of the very highest quality and craftsmanship, lasting for many years
•  During their appointment they are going to be the sole focus of the staff, that the dentist is not "double or triple booked"
•  Families and children are going to grow up loving visits to their dentist!

These are what I truly consider “services,” creating an experience for my patients that earns their respect, trust and confidence.

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